Head Pro X 28L Tennis Backpack

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Updated with a luxurious, on-trend design, the versatile Head Pro X Tennis Backpack is ideal for a quick trip to the courts or when travelling.


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Refreshed with an off-white and on-trend design, the PRO X BACKPACK 28L YUBK offers style as well as space. When you’re going to the courts for a practice session, or you’re walking around the city, you will appreciate a bag with a considered design, including rounded edges, and comfortable backpack straps. Along with a main compartment that can fit everything you need for a practice session, there is a padded racquet compartment that protects a single frame.

Style is blended with practicality in the PRO X BACKPACK 28L YUBK, which has a front zipper pocket giving you quick access when you are on the move, as well as a ventilated shoe compartment. As an illustration of how HEAD is trying to reduce plastic usage, the hangtag is made from recycled paper and tied with hemp cord.

• New, luxurious, on-trend design
• Spacious main compartment
• Padded racquet compartment
• Hangtag made with recycled paper and hemp cord

Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
Τσάντες (τύπος) : Σακίδια Πλάτης
Διαστάσεις : 34 x 50 x 24 cm
Όγκος : 28L
Αριθμός Κύριων Θηκών : Μία
Μονωμένα διαμερίσματα : Κανένα
Τσάντα άπλυτων : Όχι
Διαμέρισμα άπλυτων : Όχι
Τσάντα παπουτσιών : Όχι
Διαμέρισμα παπουτσιών : Ναι
Ιμάντες πλάτης : Δύο


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