Volkl V-Feel V1 MP (285gr.) Racket

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Η Volkl V-Feel V1 MP είναι μία ρακέτα φιλική στο χέρι για παίκτες που αναζητούν δύναμη και άνεση στο παιχνίδι τους. Η V-Feel V1 MP έχει κατασκευαστεί για να δίνει καλό έλεγχο σαν ρακέτα με εκρηκτική δύναμη.

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The V-FEEL line incorporates VCELL technology for a better feel for the ball. Revolutionary EVA, embedded in the graphite, absorbs shock better do to the denser material and provides better torsional and lateral stability during contact. The handling technology has been updated with VTEX for more comfort, dampening, and resistance to torsion. Volkl gives users a solid blend of spin and control with a 16 x 19 string pattern in the 102″ head. The thicker cross-section of 25-22-28 mm for impressive power and stability. At around 10.5 ounces strung, the Volkl V-Feel V1 MP is an impressive option for players seeking improved access to power and comfort, in an easy to swing mid plus frame.  Volkl’s famous Super Grommet System allows the strings to move in all directions for more control and an increased sweet spot. Players should expect more power from the V-Feel V1 than with a typical mid plus frame.


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