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Head Speed MP 2024 (300gr.) Racket

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Head Speed rackets are ideal for offensive players looking for versatile rackets to excel in all areas of the game. Recommended by Jannik Sinner, they now feature Auxetic 2.0 technology for improved feel and their colorblock design alternates between a black, grey and black stripe. This Speed MP model will appeal to intermediate to advanced players looking for a stable, versatile racket.

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Technology :

– Auxetic 2.0: Auxetic 2.0 technology now incorporates braided carbon fibres into the handle, in addition to the bridge, for better feedback when hitting and a better feel for the game.
– Speed Beam: Shape of the aerodynamic profile that promotes the speed of the stroke and therefore power and spin.
– Speed Pattern: Spacing between strings for a good power/control ratio.
– Power Grommets: Great freedom of movement of the strings in the grommets for more power.
– Directional Drilling: The drilling pattern of the holes provides more power and a larger sweet spot.

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Head Speed


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Head Speed MP 2024 (300gr.) Racket
Original price was: €290.00.Current price is: €234.90.Επιλογή
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