Wilson Super Tour Blade V9 9-Pack Tennis Bag

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High-performance racket bag featuring colors to match the Blade V9’s sleek, dynamic design. Travel to tennis matches and tournaments in sleek, multifunctional style with Wilson’s Blade Super Tour 9 Pack. Inspired by the Blade V9’s dynamic racket design and Emerald Green colors, this spacious bag holds up to nine rackets plus equipment, apparel and other essentials.


Κωδικός προϊόντος: WR8031901 Κατηγορίες: , Ετικέτα:

Thermoguard lining protects equipment against extreme temperatures.

Compartment fully encloses rackets, larger gear and other equipment.

Pocket serves up additional space for gear, equipment and personal storage.

Zippers lock together to keep bag contents dry and prevent spills.

Versatile carrying system includes adjustable shoulder carrying strap and padded backpack straps.

Τσάντες (τύπος) –  Σάκοι 9 ρακετών
Διαστάσεις –  73,5cm x 33cm x 33cm
Αριθμός Κύριων Θηκών –  Δύο
Μονωμένα διαμερίσματα –  Ενα
Τσάντα άπλυτων –  Ναι
Τσάντα παπουτσιών –  Ναι
Διαμέρισμα για μπουκάλι νερού –  Όχι
Ιμάντες πλάτης –  Δύο


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