Tecnifibre T-Fight Tour 26″ Junior Racket

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This Tecnifibre T-Fight 26 Tour takes inspiration from the previous models with a new design. The lines are thinner and you will find the brand’s logo on the heart and frame of the racquet. An ideal and versatile racquet for young players aspiring to play competitively.


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This 250g Tecnifibre T-Fight 26 Tour is very manoeuvrable and is suited to children aged 10 to 12 years old.

The 16×17 string pattern will be ideal to put spin on the ball and gain in power.

Type of player

– Competitive young players between 10 and 12 years old looking for a racquet to keep progressing.


– RS Section: Section of the frame in an R shape, combining a square to an ellipse to increase power and keeping ease of play
– Yoke Connection: The junction between the heart and the head of the racquet was designed to elongate the time of contact with the ball for increased comfort
– EZ Lock eyelets: Wider flat eyelets to ease re-stringing and the finishing knots
– Armor Cap: Reinforced bumper bringing better resistance to impact with the ground


Βάρος άπλεκτη 250 g
Υλικό κατασκευής Graphite
Μήκος 26 in
Ύψος παιδιού 140 – 155 cm (10-12 years old)
Επίπεδο Αγωνιστικό
Πλεγμένη Ναι
Παιδική ρακέτα μήκος



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