Head Novak 23″ Junior Racket


This navy and orange Head Novak Junior 23 racquet is perfect for future champions to ensure easy advancement.


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This model is suitable for recreational and competitive junior tennis players with a height between 1m15 and 1m25 (6 to 8 years). Composed of aluminum, this model blends strength and lightness to ensure easy advancement. The racquet’s lightness and head size encourages learning and allows beginners to successfully center the ball from the start. As well, Damp+ technology on top of the handle allows impact vibrations to be absorbed for maximum comfort.


Τεχνολογία Damp Plus
Υλικό Κατασκευής Aluminium
Μήκος 23.03 in
String Pattern 16×18
Υψος 110 – 125 cm (6-8 years old)
Επίπεδο Ψυχαγωγία
Πλεγμένη Ναι

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