Head Gravity Graphene 360+ Jr. 26


Η παιδική ρακέτα τένις Head Gravity Graphene 360+ Junior είναι τέλεια για τους νεαρούς φιλόδοξους παίκτες 10 – 11 ετών αγωνιστικού επιπέδου που αναζητούν τον τέλειο συνδυασμό επιπλέον δύναμης και υψηλής άνεσης χειρισμού.


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Your game is versatile and you feel at home all over the court. You are also young and need a high performance junior racquet that supports your game.
We present to you the Gravity JR. Made for the ambitious youngster, this racquet gives you the benefits of the grown-up Gravity series and combines technical finesse with an aggressive game. The innovative design is different on each side of the racquet and is created with a black base that is completed with the turquoise colour, along with the other side in the coral colour.

Εμβαδόν κεφαλής (sq.in) 100 sq. in.
Βάρος (gr) 255gr
Υλικό κατασκευής Graphene 360+
Κάλυμμα Περιλαμβάνεται
Πλέξιμο Strung

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