Yonex Osaka EZONE 100 (2022) (300gr.) Racket

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Discover the Naomi Osaka Ezone 100 limited edition racquet! This racquet was designed with the Japanese player and her sister.In order to offer you an unmatched level of performance, Yonex relies on the know-how of its factories located in Japan for the production of its racquets. A meticulous work for an exceptional result.

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With several generations under its belt, the EZONE 100 continues its trajectory as one of the games most versatile and user-friendly player’s rackets. Offering a slightly more forgiving and powerful response than the EZONE 98, this racket not only rewards fast swings with easy targeting, it also gives you that signature Yonex feel (think plush and precise). For 2022 Yonex adds 2G NAMD SPEED to the graphite layup in the shaft, resulting in a more powerful response with better ball feedback. Yonex has also improved the beam construction, adding a thicker, more convex cross section in the shaft (for stability) along with a thinner frame face (for a softer response). Other technologies include Yonex’s time-tested ISOMETRIC head shape, a unique design feature that makes Yonex rackets feel more generous and forgiving than conventionally shaped equivalents. Ultimately, this update not only keeps a good thing going, it also recaptures the great feel of past iterations. Intermediate and advanced players looking for a speedy and versatile player’s racket should add this to their demo list.

Εμβαδόν κεφαλής (sq.in) 100 sq in / 645 sq cm
Τύπος πλέξης 16×19
Βάρος (gr) 300 gr
Πλάτος 23.80mm/26.50mm/22.50mm
Σκληρότητα σκελετού 67
Μήκος 27 in / 68.5 cm
Ισορροπία 7 pts HL / 32 cm
Βάρος αιώρησης 317
Υλικό κατασκευής Speed/HM Graphite
Κάλυμμα Περιλαμβάνεται
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Yonex Ezone


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