Volkl V-Feel V1 Pro (305gr.) Racket

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This racquet is ideal for intermediate to advanced level players looking for racquet speed and comfort. The Volkl V-Sense V1 Pro will satisfy a large variety of players!

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As soon as you hit your first shot, the balance between power and control will be felt by the V-Sense 305g. The neutral balance (32cm) allows you to easily accelerate and get right into the game in order to last a long time in rhythmic exchanges and systematically generate racquet head speed.

Additionally, Volkl uses C3, which is an innovative material composed of Black Carbon and Nano Graphene in order to ensure stability and reinforce stiffness in specific areas of the racquet. The result? Your ball will leave your racquet quickly in order to produce even more powerful shots! 

The string pattern 16 x 19 allows you to gain natural power, especially from the back of the court.

You will get incredible control and ultimate precision on heavier shots, especially when returning thanks to the frame that comes back into position.


Weight unstrung 305 g
Technology Vsensor / C3
Composition Carbone
Head Size 99.51 in²
Length 26.77 in
Stiffness 66 RA
Balance unstrung 12.6 in
Beam Width 23-20-23 mm mm
String Pattern 16×19
Cordée No
Grip Size

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