Tecnifibre TF-40 18×20 (305gr.) Racket


Tecnifibre is back with its line for competitors looking for maximum control of the ball: the TF40 racquets. Offering the same precision, feel and stability, the Tecnifibre TF40 305g 18×20 racquet has been winning over many players looking to master their power.

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Player Benefits: Control – Stability – Feel

The Tecnifibre TF40 305g 18×20 tennis racquet is designed for players looking for precision while still having a clean design with a touch of fun!
Its 305g weight combined with a 32.5cm balance will provide plenty of stability at impact to control the trajectory of your balls.
The 630cm² headsize will not tolerate much off-centering errors but will give you tremendous control and harness your natural power.
The 18×20 string pattern will increase hitting accuracy and send your opponent to all corners of the court!
The thin and square section will also improve the stability of the frame, but also the feel of the game to have an excellent touch on the volley or when making a drop shot.


– RS Sharp Section: Square section for increased stability and control
– Foam Inside: Foam injected into the frame to absorb vibration and provide comfort
– Xtense BG: Enlarged grommets and a wider bumper for better string protection and recordability

Player Type:

– Expert and pro players looking for a racquet that offers maximum control

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Tecnifibre TF-40


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