Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro 2021 (315gr.)


Η ρακέτα τένις Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro (315 gr) με μοτίβο χορδών 18 x 20 δίνει απίστευτη καθαρή ενέργεια κι έλεγχο στα χτυπήματα κάνοντας τη “υπερόπλο” στα χέρια παικτών υψηλού επιπέδου.
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With its massive sweet spot and distinctive flip design, the GRAVITY PRO is a perfect match for the aggressive next-generation player. The racquet’s distinctive sweet spot comes from the teardrop-shaped design, while the 18/20 string pattern provides the necessary control required by tournament players. The GRAVITY Series is endorsed by Alexander Zverev.

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