Tecnifibre Wall Breaker 375 Padel Racket (375gr.)

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The Tecnifibre Wall Breaker 375 padel racquet is the model that will be appreciated by advanced offensive players, looking for a powerful model to finish points. It is composed of a braided XTC carbon fiber, to make it more powerful and responsive. This construction, coupled with the new X-TOP technology, will further enhance the durability and strength of the racquet.

This teardrop shaped racquet will give you a great balance of power and control, as well as stability at impact thanks to its high weight of 375g.


Κωδικός προϊόντος: 16WABR3752 Κατηγορία: Ετικέτα:

The 3D Spin Skin technology will add good ball grip for added spin.

Player Profile: Advanced players looking for a powerful racquet.


– X-TOP: Improved racquet head construction for increased durability and impact resistance
– Carbon Shield XTC: Carbon fiber frame and headsize combined with XTC material for durability and comfort
– Progessive Holes Diameter: Drilling pattern based on 3 hole sizes to increase the ideal sweetspot: more precision on center hits, more forgiveness on off-center hits
– D-Bridge: Bridge in the heart of the racquet for more stability and power
– Spin Skin 3D: Structured frame for better ball retention


Racquet shape water drop
Weight 13.2 oz / 375 g
Length 17.91 in / 45.5 cm
Thickness 38 mm
Equilibre 275 mm
Racquet case No


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