Yonex Astrox Nextage Badminton Racket


Based around the World Wide phenomenon of the Yonex Z Force 11 from a few years ago the Nextage is the  latest incarnation of the Ultra Hard hitting design and power base that defines this class leading racket.For players that are not at elite level this racket gives you the chance to have power shots in your ‘shot locker’ like never before using a combination of a Graphite Nanomesh shaft and a Graphite/Tungsten frame.

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– Flex: Μεσαίο
– Σκελετός: Hm Graphite / Vdm / Tungsten
– Άξονας: Γραφίτης / Nanomesh Neo
– Άρθρωση: Ενσωματωμένη άρθρωση T-Joint
– Μήκος: 10 mm μεγαλύτερο
– Βάρος / Λαβή: 4u(Μέσος όρος:83g)5
– Συμβουλές για χορδές: 4u 20 – 28 Lbs




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